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The New Dunites

An Interdisciplinary Research Project in the Arts


In collaboration with:

Andrés Burbano & Danny Bazo

Sponsored by:

Fundación Telefónica (VIDA 13.0, Art and Artificial Life Awards)
UCIRA (UC Institute for Research in the Arts)


Completed, 2012

Selected exhibitions:

Todaiji Art and Cultural Center, Nara, Japan, 2012 -as a part of the group exhibition: Eternal/Moment
Allosphere New Media & Research Facility, California NansoSystems Institute, Santa Barbara, CA, 2012

Selected publications:

Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2012, Pages 1501-1502 /// Our publication titled The New Dunites can be found here.
Wired (UK edition), august 2012 issue /// A short article on The New Dunites by Joanne McNeil can be found here.


The New Dunites is a site-specific research project in the arts investigating a culturally unique and biologically diverse geographic site located on California’s Central Coast. The site and its history have many interesting components, such as a unique coastal dune ecology and biodiversity, and having been a communal home to a group of intellectuals in the 40s who called themselves “the Dunites”. However, the most prominent of these components from a point of view of media archaeology is the site’s role in director Cecil B. Demille’s 1923 silent film The Ten Commandments. Buried under these dunes are the dynamited remains of the set of this epic spectacle.

Throughout our process of research and implementation we have employed many tools and methodologies of the arts and sciences to investigate this land. In an attempt to articulate and mediate the interaction between humans and this special environment, our end product is the construction of an ecology of interfaces (from mobile device apps to gallery installations) which uses the data gathered by our explorations as their primary input. Our goal, as media artists and researchers, has been to create an alternative narrative of this wonderfully complex site through the usage of scientific data, historical facts, and artistic practice.


The New Dunites from The New Dunites on Vimeo.